How to Make a Wooden Billy Cart – Model No 3.

How to Make a Go-Kart (Billy Cart) – Model No 3.

“The Wooden Billy Cart”

Do you remember when you were a kid hanging out with your friends and y’all decided that you want to build a go-cart? Building a go-cart is fun and can be easy for you to do. Ask your Dad or your friends to come help you gather all of the supplies you will need to build a go-cart!

Tools Suggestions

Things you will need to build the wooden billy cart are as follows.

  • Wood
  • Nails (screws)
  • Measure tape
  • 1 bolt (3/4 x 4) make sure it has a washer and wing nut
  • Drill
  • Staple gun (staples)
  • 4 wheels (axle bar wheels)
  • 1 seat (can be old chair seat or bicycle seat)

Many childhood memories are when a child and his friends or his/ her and their Dad has put together a wooden billy cart. These go-carts are made for racing down-hill and in some areas there are competitions for kids to join and race for different types of prizes. *Note* because of how light the go-cart is after assembly it can reach up to 30 mph. The wooden billy cart does not have a motor and you can only stop the cart by using your feet.

Here is a simple list of instructions to help you build your awes wooden billy cart!

In order to know how long you need your boards you will need to take the tape measure and measure the person who will be driving the go-cart from his/her hip bone down to their ankle. (Cut one board at the length measured, this is called the chassis of your go-cart)

Now it is time to measure your feet to see what size you will need to cut the boards for your axle boards.  Take the measure tape and lay it on the ground flat and stand on it and measure from one foot to the other from the outside edges of your feet.

You will need to put a mark in the center of the axle boards.  (This is where the rear axle will be attached on the bottom (underside) of the chassis) You can attach the rear axle with either nails or wood screws. Now you will need to drill a hole in the center of the axle board in front. (Make sure you align it with the attachment point at the front of your chassis, and then drill the hole) This hole is where you will place your bolt. The bolt will then join the front axle to your chassis. Use the wing nut on the bottom of the bolt. *Important* Make sure there is a little wiggle room for steering.

Time for the guide rope; measure the distance on the chassis from the attachment site to each side of your board. (Mark the mid-point of the board and drill a hole)

It is now time to measure and mark the side of each axle board and determine where the center is located. (You will have to put your go-cart on its side to do this step) This is an important part of assembly because this is where your wheels are attached and they will have to be balanced to work right. (Drill small hole, insert rods, and attach wheels to rods). You can use staples to make sure the rods are secure.

Now, it is time to cut some wood squares for your seat to sit on. These square pieces of wood (2 inch pieces) will need to be nailed to the rear axle section. You can either attach the seat with screws or nails. Make sure your rope is not too long. Make sure the rope is run through the two holes that you have already drilled through the front axle board. (To keep rope secure you will need to tie knots on each end)

Now it is time to enjoy your new wooden billy cart!


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