How to make a Go Kart

How to make a Go-Cart

I have had a surprising amount of interest in how to make a go cart, These instructions are being rewritten and should be available shortly.

I thought I would provide brief instructions on how to make a go-cart, since my kids had a load of fun with theirs which grand-pa made for them a few years ago. Also known as box carts in Australia.

This is the cart in full motion,

Here is a our go-cart being used as a trailer,

There are a number of way to make a go-cart depending on the age of the child that you are making the cart for. a simple wagon will provide a small child with days a even weeks of fun.

But how much more fun if the cart is make with mum or dad?

A wooden go-cart or box cart as is commonly refered to in Australia is perhaps the easies to make.

How to to make a wooden go-cart

Vistit the local tip, dump or recycling centre a buy old prambulator, sometimes not so easily found, of them choose big wheels if you can,

You need to visit your local tip, and ask if they will put aside a set of pram wheels for you, the older style pram with large wheels work best. I find that if you offer the men at the tip £5, they are normally more than willing to set aside a set of wheel or you to collect at the end of the day)

How to make an electic go-cart

There seems to be a nice link at google answers that addresses how to make a wooden electic kart.

How to make a motorised go-cart


How to Build a Wooden Go Kart

I have received a number of emails about Kart Building and how to go about making a Go kart. As a result I have asked a friend to draw up some plans, the plans print on A3 paper, however they look quite good on standard A4 size paper. (UK)

Download our Free Go Kart Plan

Download our PDF Plan – Wood Go Kart Plan in PDF Format

Which of us know how to spell Go Kart, I have always spelt it “Go Cart”, however in Australia they are call it Billy Kart or Box Kart, elsewhere they are known as Soap Box Karts. Whichever way you choose to spell it, Go-Kart or Go-Cart they are great fun. For me they symbolize an era when kids were free to roam safely and have fun.

These plans are quite detailed. You should improvise and choose your own materials. Your mileage may vary. These plans are after all only a starting point, they come without warranty of any sort.




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20th May 2013

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  1. Hi,

    If you are struggling to find pram wheels (they can be a bit scarce nowadays) can I suggest using sack trolley wheels? They are a little stronger (great for off road) and can be bought quite cheaply. They will also take a thicker axle which fairs better when going round corners!

    If there is ever any help we can give please feel free to contact us through We sell the wheels as well as complete go kart kits but are also very happy to just have a chat or offer some advice. Our Facebook page ( also has loads of go kart ideas and pictures from our customers.

    By the way that’s fantastic to see people promoting some good old fashioned fun building something together outdoors. I was home educated too as a kid and having the time to take on bigger projects is one of the best parts, so good luck to anyone building their kart!

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