Homeschooling in South Africa

Homeschooling in South Africa

Homeschooling is alive and well in South Africa although relatively unheard of until about 10 years ago. Homeschooling has become a favoured choice by parents who want the best for their kids. Schools world wide are letting down families as a result parents are taking back their original God given duties, to train their children, teach them and protect them. I hope you find some of the contact information below useful.

If you wish to know more about homeschooling in South Africa I suggest the following,

  • Visit and read as many South African homeschooling related website’s as you can un till you have a more general idea.
  • Find a Homeschooling family or friend and meet with them first hand, ask them to advice you.
  • Have an open mind, recognise that having a degree or diploma in teaching does not make you a teacher.
  • Invest in some good books about homeschooling, or borrow some from a homeschooling friend.

Homeschooling Associations in South Africa

Pestalozzi Trust 
Die Regsfonds vir Tuisonderwys – The Legal Defence Fund for Home Education
PO Box 31264, Totiusdal, 0134
Tel: 012 331 1018

Note *** The above site offers excellent legal defense and support for homechoolers in South Africa.

KwaZulu Natal Home Schooling Association 
P O Box 53130, Yellowwood Park, 4011, Natal
Tel: 0881252799
Secretary Paulette Nelson Email:
Chairman Larry English Email:

Eastern Cape Home Schooling Association (ECHSA)
PO Box 905, Gonubie, 5256
Cell 082 975 1721

Western Cape Home Schooling Association / Wes-Kaapse Tuisonderwys Vereniging
PO Box 175, Steenberg, 7947
Tel: 0881274484

National Coalition of Home Schoolers
P.O.Box 813, Gillitts, 3603
Tel 083 460 5958

Home School Legal Defense Association
US based legal defense association, (search for information relevant to South Afica)

Association for Home Schooling / Vereniging vir Tuisonderwys
Contact: Leendert & Karin van Oostrum
Tel: 012-331-1018

Leendert se Meestersgraad verhandeling : Tuisonderwys : ‘n didaktiese en etiese perspektief (AFRIKAANS)
Summary of Leendert’s Masters thesis : Home education: a didactical and ethical perspective (ENGLISH)

Home School Curriculum Providers in South Africa

Homeschool Book Suppliers – South Africa

Love2Learn – A Christian home-schooling curriculum, looking to Jesus as the centre, recognising home-schooling as a ministry of discipleship to our children, using beautiful, full-colour, living books, packed with exciting hands-on activities, including international as well as South African history and geography components, literature-rich, catering for visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners, including internet links and videos, employing the one-room schoolhouse approach so that you can teach different ages all at the same time, remaining true to the principles of Charlotte Mason, spanning Grades 00 right through high school to Cambridge HIGCSE and providing a tutor and testing service for Cambridge levels, so that you are not on your own! Written for passionate home-schoolers by another passionate home-schooler who understands what you face daily. (e-mail: / visit: / Call: +27 11-465 6049  or +27 83 222 6031)

Love2Learn Curriculum and Home-Schooling Ministries.

Tel:       +27 11 465 6049
Cell:     +27 83 222 6031
Fax:      0865 118407 (Within SA borders only)

TCE (Theocentric Christian Education)
17 Disa Road, Bloubergrand, 7441
Contact: Graham or Alison
Tel. No: 021 557 2612
Fax No: 021 556 1277

Hout Bay Church InternationalBob Jones system, Sharon Maliepaard Tel 021-790-5802

Breinlyn / Brainline
216 Jan Bandjiesstraat, Montana, Pretoria, Privaat sak x 505, Sinoville, 0129
Tel 012 567 1111
Fax 012 567 1112 / 0069

Beit HaSefer (“House the Book”)
Adviseer hoe om u eie kurrikulum saam te stel en verskaf “enige handboek wat u soek”, Home school brokers for individualised advice. . Beit HaSefer provides educational product solution to many people, but foremost are the parents who take the responsibility of educating their children at home.

Tel: Lindie Malan (012) 546 0701

The Drew Patch

Clonard Publishing
HOME SCHOOLING and EARLY LEARNING Curricula for Pre-School to Grade 7
P.O.Box 393, KLOOF,3640, South Africa
Contact: Mike and Virginia Tyrrell,
Tel: 031-7646480 Fax: 031-7647586

Le-Amen Onderwyssentrum
P.O. Box 2196, Florida Hills, 1716
Contact: Vincent & Louise Willems
Tel : 011 674-3705

Moria Tuisskoolmateriaal
Posbus 5594, Kockspark, POTCHEFSTROOM, 2523
Contact: Hannes en Helena de Villiers
Tel / Fax 018 294-6504

Greg & Sonja Wood, P. O. Box 1118, Howick, 3290
Tel : 033 502-9050/1
Fax : 033 502-9052

School of Tomorrow – Accelerated Christian Education
PO Box 22072, Glen Ashley, Durban 4022, South Africa
Tel: 031 835483/4
Fax: 031 832488

KenWeb Oplossings
Kontak: André van den Berg Posbus 109, Orania, 8752, Suid-Afrika
Tel: 053 2070045 Faks: 053 2070045
Tuisblad :

Cell: 082 57 414 33, Fax: 082 131 57 414 33

Homeschooling News Groups in South Africa

To join simply send an email to

To join simply send an email to

Contact Information

If you’re aware of an origination or supplier which offer services of value to christian homeschoolers in South Africa please contact me.

More Regional Homeschooling Information

5 thoughts on “Homeschooling in South Africa

  1. Good day

    I am from East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

    I have a small maths and physical science tutoring business for high schoolers called CAST and would like to provide this service to homeschooling learners in the area.

    I charge R420-00 per month if attending in groups.

    I was wondering if it would be possible for you to help me spread the word or if you have any suggestions for me to reach the learners.

    Kind Regards

  2. Hi,
    My husband is a enthusiastic tennis coach in Cape Town. We live in Boston, Bellville, in the Western Cape. Francois coach at a few schools, but also do a lot of group or private lessons at Chrismar Tennis-club. We don’t have any children of our own yet, but a few of our Christian friends also home-school their children. We already got a handful of home-school children taking tennis lessons with him, but as the tennis academy is only a few years old, not a lot of people know about his business yet. His tennis business name is LTD Tennis (Local Tennis Development), and you can also go unto his website at for some more info. Is it possible for you to maybe contact me or Francois, and give us a little bit of information where we can advertise the services Francois can give to enrich more home-school children? You can either contact me (his wife) on the email given above, or contact Francois at You can also give us a call at: Marien: 0762052070 Francois: 0815112015.
    Marien Hoon

  3. I am a teacher with many years of experience in SA and abroad. I love teaching and have done a lot of tutoring and have also music skills as a bonus. Just returned from overseas and would love to continue teaching either in tutoring or homeschooling. Please contact me if you are interested and living in Bellville area in Cape Town

  4. good day. i have 2 children that have to start grade 1 and i really would like to do homeschooling with them. I’ve been battling to find a school for them and to be able to afford it as well. I really need advise on how to start and register them for homeschooling.

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