Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Method

A few thoughts about the Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Method

Thinking about homeschooling your children? One suggestion of a great way to teach your children from home is the Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Method.
One of the most popular methods for homeschoolers is the Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Method! This method will allow the children to experience “hands on” experiences and it will teach your children to practice good habits, while enjoying living books that will keep your child’s interests!

In the 1800’s a lady by the name of Charlotte Mason began teaching children with her three level methods. This method consisted of 1) atmosphere, 2) discipline, and 3) life.

Atmosphere means, that the child can learn by seeing and doing things that are around them as they grow up.

Discipline means, teaching a child how to act and what the difference is between good and bad. Helping your child to learn what is known as “good habits” and what is known as “bad habits”.

Life means, combining what is learned at home, at school, and in their surroundings.

The Charlotte Mason Homeschooling method taught about real live things, situations, and events; not just words on a piece of paper.

Living books are a book that tells a story, a book that a child could get lost in while reading it! (Much like becoming the character of the story) These living books were written by a person (author) that is very passionate about the subject of the story.

Did you ever dread Fridays when you knew that the teacher was going to spring a spelling test on you? Ms. Mason found a way to teach children how to spell that would be fun and they would learn to spell the words while having fun. She used the words from these awesome stories and taught the students how to spell through reading. (She did not believe in the traditional spelling words list)

So many children have short attention spans and she found a way around this by teaching shorter lessons. The other methods used for homeschooling was various maps, living books, crafts, drawing, memorizing poems, and Bible Verses. The children would be able to go outside and watch and learn things from Gods Creations in the great outdoors. To help the children enjoy history she would have them talk about and narrate about an important person that was currently living.

When younger students did their lessons they only lasted up to 15 minutes. As the student grew older is when the time would be increased per lesson.

Homeschooling is quickly becoming the preferred method of teaching children. The reason for this is because of the violence that has become an everyday occurrence in our public schools today. The Charlotte Mason Homeschooling methods are a great way to get a child to enjoy school that may have otherwise hated to even hear the word school spoken!

Homeschooling is not a cop-out! Homeschooling is a great way to nurture your child’s intelligence while creating an awesome bond!

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