Conkers – An Old English School Yard Game

Conkers – An Old English School Yard Game

Conkers are the seeds from Horse Chestnut trees. They are usually found around September / October in the UK.

Make a hole through the middle of the conker and thread it on a string. Take it in turns to attack your opponent’s conker with yours (one swipe each). The winner is the person who successfully knocks the other person’s conker off their string.

CAUTION!! A word on safety – Make sure the conkers are held at arm’s length to avoid being hit by a rebounding ‘smasher‘!

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  1. The common name “horse-chestnut” (often unhyphenated) is reported as having originated from the erroneous belief that the tree was a kind of chestnut (though in fact only distantly related), together with the observation that eating the fruit cured horses of chest complaints.

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