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4 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. I thought you would like to know you misspelled the word “usefull”. Silly mistakes are a pet peeve of mine and they can ruin your website’s credibility. In the past I’ve used a tool like to keep mistakes off my website.

    -Scott Matthews Sr

  2. Hello,

    I need to let you know I found a open directory security hole on your website.

    I am a Local Web Specialist and was doing some routine security checks on some of my own clients websites, however during a broader comparative analysis I found that you also suffer from the same issue.

    If you’re tech savvy and maintain the site yourself just Google “disable directory browsing” and you should be able to fix it. If you’re not, here’s a breakdown of the issue:

    Your website is using WordPress and the folders “wp-content” or “wp-includes” can contain private and sometimes sensitive data. Right now anyone can see whats there, including nefarious individuals.

    So you can see what i’m talking about copy this search string into google: -inurl:(jsp|pl|php|html|aspx|htm|cf|shtml) intitle:”Index of /”

    This will bring up the open directories on your web server. When I analyzed your website:, your directories were browsable and the data was available. It should say “Forbidden” or redirect to a 404.

    This shoud be a simple fix for your existing webmaster, just make sure to tell him/her you want to “Disable directory browsing” on your website.

    You also might want to put a CAPTCHA on your contact form, as I am filling this out now I noticed there isn’t one.

    If you have any questions or need a hand fixing the hole you can reach me @

    I hope this helps, Have a great day!


    1. Good morning Paul thank you for sharing this information and apologies for the delayed reply. I shall have a look at it today and get back to you, purely out of interest which country are you based in? – Kindest regards Roland

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