Encouraging Comments about our huge collection of Jump Rope Songs

Encouraging Comments about our huge collection of Jump Rope Songs

Comments received about the collection of Jump Rope Songs and on this website


Good songs. Reminded me of my childhood in England. Lots of the songs are English ones as well as American – Fri Aug 13 2004

What an abundance of songs! Only wish I could get the music to them. Any ideas/advise? Thank you. – Thu Mar 10 2005

Loved this page! Was like taking a step (or skip!) back in time! – Thu Mar 10 2005

This very cool I found the song that I wanted. – Tue Apr 05 2005

Jump Rope Songs

It’s awesome!

We found this so helpful while researching a Yr 13 theatre piece! Please if you could we need some more, which we would be so grateful if you did!

very inspiring. thanks

What a brilliant resource! Thank you.

this is a really good site..i remember like all of these rhymes..but i was wondering if any one knew the song about school..its goes something like signing your name on the golden gate..then you spell your name..and then you count to see what grade you are in – Thu Jan 12 2006

REALLY GOOD – Thu Feb 02 2006
Hipmum – Absolutely Brilliant Idea! We will use these frequently as a homeschooling family in Australia – I will pass on to everyone I know. Thanks so much for going to the trouble to put these together for the public. Hipmum. – Mon Apr 17 2006

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