Comments about Financial Training for Children by Gregory Bunyard

Comments about Financial Training for Children: An article by Gregory Bunyard the Founder and co-author of the ‘Ka-Ching! Business Parenting Course’ Dear concerned parent You don’t just wake up one day and your flabby gut has disappeared and you are suddenly a champion batsman. I wish! I won’t tell you what it takes to become a… Read More Comments about Financial Training for Children by Gregory Bunyard

Unschooling Home School Method

It was a public education officer by the name of John Holt that championed an educational system that rejected traditional schooling where pupils were dictated to by a teacher. Unschooling children would learn at their own pace and discovered education through experience of cookery, playing, personal hobbies, work experience, social behavioural methods and group classes.… Read More Unschooling Home School Method

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