Vaccine Safety: Thoughts about the Risks and Dangers of Vaccination to Children

Risks and Dangers of Vaccination to Children

Parents always wanted their children to be healthy in all aspects of their life. For this reason, mothers or guardians commonly choose to bring their babies or children to health care providers for vaccination. Once their children have been immunized, they feel at peace that their children will seldom experience common health problems in the future. But there are also some issues regarding the use of vaccine for children. Other medical institutes and individuals in the medical field have stated that there are also risks and dangers of vaccine for children.

As a parent, you have to be aware that most of the medical procedures have risks of giving side effects. And the vaccine is not an exemption, although the benefits it provides are broad enough. The diseases that you want your children to be protected against can be more dangerous than the possible side effects of vaccines. However, it is still advisable to prevent the diseases with a vaccine than to let the child become prone to risk complications and other forms of illnesses.

In certain conditions involving serious side effect of vaccination, there are available governmental systems that will take good care of your child. Since serious adverse effects do not occur at all times, parents have been encouraged reporting other severe side effects to VAERS or Vaccine Adverse Even Reporting System. This institution serves to analyze, report and make adverse effect incidences available to public.

You have to take note that the dangers and risk of vaccines to the child can be in a longer terms of health prospects. The misinformation and lies regarding the benefits of vaccine from the industry of drug is overwhelming, statistically provable and voluminous. That is why you have to be careful enough in dealing with the different types of vaccination since there are corresponding risks and dangers associated with it.

There about 13 percent of mothers and parents who make use of alternative schedule for vaccination. On the other hand, there are only 2 percent of the parents who refused to have all vaccine types for the children. But still there are 28 percent of mothers and parents who follow the schedule for childhood vaccination thinking that it is safer delaying the vaccine use.

There are basic yet essential distinctions between temporary antibody production that is vaccine-induced and immunity that is naturally acquired. As a responsible parent, you have to educate yourself about the individual diseases and their corresponding vaccine to come up with informed decisions with regards to benefits and risks of a particular vaccine.

There are also useful reviews for vaccine safety that issued by IOM of Institute of Medicine. The review has more than 1,000 vaccine independent studies and they did not distinguish if vaccines are actually are causative factors in more than 100 severe adverse health results. Thus, the available research is still insufficient and may not be used for denying and confirmation of vaccine’s causation for different poor vaccinations and health outcomes.

Even though vaccination has risk factors and dangers provided to your children, you have to be aware that it also has numerous benefits provided to your children. You have to balance things and try to consult different resources for the answer to your questions in mind.

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