Learn to Touch Type – A few Touch Typing suggestions

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Learn To Touch Type – Why and How to learn to Touch Typing.

Reasons to Learn to Touch Type

It is, I think, very important to learn to touch type for the following two reasons. Touch typing can save you a lot of time, instead of fumbling about and searching for keys, you simply know where they are. The second reason to learn to touch type is that you can think clearly and be more creative as you touch type, because you are able to quickly drop words and sentences on a page, before your sentence structure and idea is lost.

Learning to touch type helped me tremendously, as an IT person I often have people sitting with me or watching what I do on computer or during training. I found it difficult to think about what I was doing, talk about what I was doing and search for keys while I finger typed. ( Ha, I guess I cant walk an chew gum at the same time) anyway I bought a Mavis Beacon Teaches typing floppy disk and have never looked back, all I have to do now is learn how to spell.

Unfortunately, learning to touch type is fairly boring, so I suggest you try and get it over and done as quickly as possible, and also choose a Typing Tutor with decent games and simi lair distractions. (After all why else do we have computers, except for games)

Online Typing Tutors

There are some very nice online typing tutors available, so have a quick look at see if you can find one you feel comfortable

Touch Typing Club

https://www.typingclub.com/  – This seems like a very popular solution.

Computer Typing Tutors

Typing Tournament


Touch Typing Games


Touch Typing Tests


Touch Typing – Why and How to Learn to Touch Type

Computers have infiltrated our lives greatly in the past decade or two, and typing has become a regular part our lives as well. Whether it is writing an email, a tweet, a blog post, or a facebook update, typing is fully integrated into our daily schedules. Some may be light typists and only type for simple things like social media, and others need to type for college research papers, long emails, memos, reports, articles, etc. But it doesn’t matter how much you type or how often—learning how to touch type is a very important skill to acquire. For one, it will greatly increase your efficiency with typing, even if it’s a few sentences a day. Touch typing surprisingly isn’t skill that most people have, despite how much we use computers. It may be a little bit troublesome to learn, but it will greatly benefit you in the end.

By learning how to touch type, you can increase your speed and accuracy typing. Plus, it’s much more efficient than staring at a keyboard and using one or two fingers to figure out where the keys are. With the key positions memorized and the proper position, you can be typing without even looking at the keyboard. Many jobs involve typing and will ask what your WPM or words per minute typing speed is. Knowing how to touch type can even be a gateway to more jobs. Plus, if you’re a student and need to write papers, you can get those papers done much more quickly if you know how to type. General computer use is a decreased hassle with the skill of touch typing. Entering web addresses, search engine terms and the like won’t be the laborious process of pecking at the keyboard with your fingers. You don’t need a special talent to learn how to touch type; anyone can do it with the right amount of practice.

There are various ways that you can learn how to touch type. For one, you can look up tutorials online. This is probably the easiest method if you have the time and the personal volition to do so. There are bound to be many free lessons and videos online, as there are for lots of things. You can probably find an online course for touch typing. If you choose to learn on your own, you will have to set aside time to do typing drills and to practice the proper form and technique. Otherwise, you can always sign up for a class at your local community college. Community colleges tend to have classes for office skills, including typing.

In a formal class, you can get structured instruction and feedback from a professor. Also, you won’t have to force yourself to practice, as class time will provide sufficient enough practice. After even a few days of learning to touch type, you will notice a remarkable difference in your typing speed an accuracy. Touch typing is an essential skill in this day and age.

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