How to Jump When Using a Skipping Rope

How to jump rope and skipUsing a skipping rope will evoke memories in all of us back to the days when girls at school would regularly skip at break times, sometimes alone, other times in teams with one long skipping rope being held by two girls at each end. But before you think skipping is just for girls, think again. Skipping has proven to be an effective form of cardio vascular exercise that will help you burn loads of calories and improve your speed and agility immeasurably.

Boxers will skip everyday as part of their daily training regime as the sport demands strength, agility, speed and quick feet. All of which can be found in abundance when you skip a rope. Now if boxing apprentices and professionals skip a rope every day, you can be sure this is no exercise exclusively undertaken by girls in the school playground. Another advantage of skipping is that it’s cheap. The only outlay is the rope itself and maybe a new pair of sneakers every six months or so.

So what is the best way, or the right way to skip and jump a rope? Firstly, you must never land on your heels (the balls of your feet). In fact you can do some serious damage if you do. The heels should not actually come into contact with the ground at any point. This means your calves are about to receive a serious exercise workout (which is what you want really).

Try not to jump too high; skipping rope enthusiasts barely jump off the ground when they skip, there is really no need to jump too high because if you do you are likely to wear yourself much faster than someone skipping with just small jumps.

Try to avoid swinging your arms and shoulders about too much. The art of skipping is all in the wrist action. This is why many professional tennis players will also use skipping for cardio workouts.

Make sure your rope length is correct. If you are particularly tall you will need a longer rope. The best way to tell if your skipping rope is the correct size for you is to fold it in half and place it under your feet. Hold the rope by the two handles and if the rope reaches up to your sternum then it’s just right.

Finally, try to get into a rhythm; skippers will often count or even sing as they are skipping. This helps to focus the mind and takes you head away from the gruelling demands of skipping rope.

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