Found Jump Rope Rhymes

Found Jump Rope Rhymes

Thank you to all the readers who send in their contributions and have helped find and rebuild these Lost Rhymes

Our Collection of ” Found Rhymes“.

the cool kids kay? we know the actual rhymes.

Fudge Fudge call the Judge, (name) is having a baby. Pearl Pearl, it’s a girl. Joy Joy, it’s a boy. Daddy’s going crazy. Wrap it up in toilet paper, send it up the elevator. First floor stooooooop. Second Floor Stooooop. Third floor don’t stop just keep going! Girls, boys, martian twins (keep skipping and saying “girls, boys, martian twins until the skipper messes up.)

Had a little sports car 1948 and i took it ’round the corrrrrrrrrrner(skipper gets out and goes around a rope turner like a corner. when they jump back in they stop saying corner) slammed on the breaks but the breaks didnt work. bumped into a lady, bumped into a man. bumped into a police man, man oh man. police man caught me and put me in jail, all i had was ginger ale. how many bottles did i have? 1,2,3,4,5… etc.:) – Sat Apr 15 2006

Had a little sports car, 948, took it around the cooooooorner, slammed on the brakes but the brakes didnt work slammed into a lady, slammed into a man slammed into a police man man oh man! police man caught me, put me in jail all i had wuz ginger ail how many bottles did i have 1234…. – Sun Apr 16 2006

down down baby, down by the roller coaster, sweet, sweet baby I don’t want to let you go. shimmy, shimmy cocoa pop (or puff) shimmy, shimmy round, shimmy, shimmy cocoa pop (puff) shimmy, shimmy break it down. 2 big kids sitting on a fence trying to make a dollar out of 85 cents she missed, she missed, she missed like this. SL – Wed Apr 19 2006

The red car song is – I’m a little bumper car number 48, I went round the cooooooooorner (jump out of the rope, go around the person holding the rope and jump back in)and jammed on the brakes. At the end you are supposed to end up with the rope between your feet. – Thu Apr 20 2006

Danielle – The one about the roller coaster goes like this: Incy bitsy crumbaleeny oohlaa gumbaleenee, inspiration education, I like you. Down, Down baby, down by the roller coaster sweet sweet baby, no place to go. caught you with your boyfriend, naughty, naughty didn’t do the dishes, lazy, lazy stole a piece of candy, greedy, greedy jumped out the window…must be crazy and then it goes into the intro again. There are hand clapping games to match it but that is way too complicated and weird for me to go on with – Thu Apr 20 2006

bubble car bubble car number 28 , went round the coooooooooooorner tooooo late so put on your brake! then you trap the rope between your legs – Fri Apr 21 2006

I rememeber a ditty we sang when skipping rope and it goes like this. Grace , Grace, went upstairs to powder her face….how many boxes did she use? Then we would start counting and skipping really fast. We would also do a salt and pepper which was when 3 people skipped together with 2 people holding the ends of the rope with the third person skipping and asking for salt or pepper. – Tue Mar 21 2006

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