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This homeschool web site is about home education in the UK, South Africa and Australia and all the world. Homeschooling is for parents who love their children, who desire the very best for their children and who are willing to be different for the right reasons.

The articles and information on this web site have helped many families and students worldwide and were written by people like yourself. You can be a part of this even if you don’t homeschool by contributing an article about homeschooling, education, parenting and / or subject material of your choosing. If so please contact me

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We welcome Guest Posts, and we are alway looking for well presented information about homeschooling,

If you have written articles about Home Education please get in touch with us.

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We welcome regular contributors to the website, in fact we would even consider giving you your own login so you can more easily post articles and information.

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  • Sometimes writing for and established website will result in a degree of notoriety
  • Your Name in lights 🙂

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Contribute Resources to CHE Website

colored_pencilsIt’s really easy to add a new game or book to this website, just fill out the form below and as soon as I get it I will publish it. Please be as descriptive as possible when contributing a new game of book. Please feel free to express your experience, perspective and/or personal opinions where useful to others.

I’m always looking for worksheets, unit studies, practical ideas, tips and any other information that may be useful to myself and to other homeschoolers. If you are interested in helping me please contribute, perhaps you have already produced some resource then you may wish to allow me to place it in the resource section.

You can help by telling me about Books or Software which would be in line with style and content of this website.

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Homeschool Project

This project is quite simply a repository for good quality formation about homeschooling. I have tried to make it as simple and as easy as possible to contribute to this site. You will continue to find a vast amount of information about homeschooling as you explore the web.

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